Charles Allenden is the Argentium technical contact and has worked in the silver industry for over 25 years.  Charles has a degree in metallurgy and on leaving University started working for a leading UK silver manufacturer.  In the course of his career he has headed a metallurgical laboratory, been involved in all aspects of silver production, including casting, rolling and wire drawing, run a silver and gold plating plant and worked with numerous silversmithing companies assisting with their production development.

Charles is looking forward to sharing his wealth of experience and the knowledge gained from numerous factory support visits, in the UK and overseas, with all members of the Argentium Silver Guild. 

I'm Clare Felgate - Marketing and Communications Manager for Argentium International Limited.  I have been privileged to work with Peter Johns - Inventor of Argentium during the research stages of the silver, I have now moved to marketing and promotion of Argentium and caring for our customers.  I am looking forward to 'meeting' many of you through the new Argentium Silver Guild website and through this Blog.

I am excited to see the range of creative work being made in Argentium and am here to offer my assistance if you have any questions. ____________________________________________________________________

Ronda Coryell is a Jewelers of America Certified Master Bench Jeweler and, one of the world’s most well regarded experts on the use of Argentium.  Founder of the Northwest Chapter of the Florida Society of Goldsmiths, she now devotes her time to lecturing and teaching worldwide.   "Teaching has become as important to me as creating. Encouraging students to experiment beyond the known limits makes it exciting and keeps me continually learning.

I see the use of Argentium as a way for someone’s work to stand out from the crowd. It is truly a metal of the new millennium." ____________________________________________________________________

Cynthia Eid is an award-winning jeweler, silversmith and educator, with over forty years of experience.

Eid's sculptural metalwork is primarily made in Argentium Silver formed through the creative use of hammers and/or a hydraulic press.   Cynthia has worked with Argentium silver since the year 2000.  After meeting Peter Johns (inventor of Argentium Silver) in 2003, Eid has participated in the growth and success of Argentium - she has written about Argentium for the Society of North American Goldsmiths, Art Jewelry Magazine and Rio Grande.  Cynthia has taught Argentium silver in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

David Worcester was drawn to Argentium silver and its impressive range of attributes after working for over thirty years as a retail, turned wholesale goldsmith.  Specializing largely in pendants with tension-set colored stones, the unique option to harden Argentium silver, and in doing so increase its spring, further heightened his attraction to this beautifully white, reflective metal.

David received a BFA in sculpture from Rhode Island School of Design in 1972, lending perspective and background to his approach in jewelry making.  While pursuing new design concepts and answering challenges have provided creative stimuli over the years, but he experienced a renewed excitement in his creative process through the adoption of Argentium silver, making it his new, preferred medium.