Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Welcome to our Argentium Silver Guild blog. For some time, the team at Argentium International have been discussing ways in which we can better connect with the growing community of artisanal jewellery makers and silversmiths, who like us, love Argentium. Rather befittingly, it was Peter Johns, the inventor (we call him ‘the father’) of Argentium who came up with the concept of the Argentium Silver Guild, so we are indebted to him for leaving us with this thought a short time before he made his decision to retire from the company.

The objective of the Argentium Silver Guild is simple, to provide a one-stop definitive resource to support Argentium enthusiasts worldwide. We fully anticipate that this site will grow organically over the coming months and years and become a place where you will learn, share tips, network, be inspired and inspire others.
One point that I feel important to convey is that any income raised through membership subscriptions and sponsorship will be reinvested to support the Argentium Silver Guild and related events.
Please have a look around, become a member and contribute to our rapidly growing community. I hope to meet some of you on our blog soon but in the meantime, I wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

Richard Leyens
CEO Argentium International Limited